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Here you’ll find our advanced training. Check back often as we’ll always be adding new coaching for you here.

Advanced Footwork Training

One of the most important and overlooked topics, learn why footwork is such a focus for the pros and how to use it to massive improve your game!

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Pro Dynamic Warm-Up

Tennis is a game that requires your entire body to move in many directions very quickly, constantly starting and stopping. That’s why the pros never step on the court without getting their bodies ready.

I’ve taken the best parts from pro-trainer routines to give you the ultimate warm-up to maximize your play while minimizing your chances of injury.

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Advanced Volley Drills

A lot of players are afraid of the net. Balls come fast, reaction times are critical, and we have to fight our instincts to swing. 

And if you’re a doubles player, your net game is even more important. That’s why I’ve put together a collection of my absolute favorite volley drills for you.

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Mobility Warmup With Bands

This short yet highly effective warmup will get your body ready for the unusual movements required in a tennis match. It will help reduce injury and increase mobility. This simple routine is a go-to for every pro and it should be part of your prep.

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