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We’re taking you behind-the-scenes at My Tennis HQ and the elite parts of the tennis world that most people never get to see. You’re among the view behind the curtain where we share our latest thoughts, insider secrets from the pro tour, early access to new coaching, gear giveaways, and more. We’ll be adding to this regularly.

Blog – January 2023

We’ve been traveling for about 3 weeks in Australia. First week in Adelaide was mostly focused on adjusting to the time difference between here and in the USA, getting used to the fast playing conditions you usually see in Australia, the heat and everything. This is why it’s important to get here early on, to start getting adjusted to these different conditions – light balls, fast courts, different weather.

First week we had 2 very good matches. In the first one, Marcos saved match points and ended up winning. He played very well, was able to apply everything we practiced during the week we were around Andre Agassi. He played really well inside the baseline, hitting the ball on the rise and making sure his opponent was moving around the court. He served really well (+75% 1st serves, almost no break-points). Only area where he was lacking was returns, and this is why the match ended up going the distance. This is definitely an area where we’re trying to step up, because not breaking serves makes it hard to win matches quickly.

And as I have mentioned several times, margins at this level are super-thin, so it’s really important to make these marginal gains. But overall, the trips so far has been good – Marcos is playing a good, aggressive game so far and has been playing toe-to-toe with everyone.

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