Think Less, Win More

7 Pro Mindset Secrets That Quickly Transform Your Tennis Game

Years of my hard work in one simple guide for you...

  • Stop losing to players you know you should beat.
  • Discover your Unique Player Identity (UPI) and customize your game plan.
  • Quit obsessing over technique and overcome “The Yips.”
  • Silence your negative, sabotaging self-talk. 
  • Prevent “match panic” with mind/body relaxation secrets used by pros and Navy SEALs.
  • Use pressure to your advantage and outplay even your strongest opponent.
  • Ditch the mental checklist, stay present, and love playing tennis.
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Meet Your New Coach

I’m Karue Sell, co-founder of My Tennis HQ and your new online tennis coach. As passionate former D1 college and ATP professional players, my co-founder Gui Hadlich and I know something about the pressure you feel when you step on the court.

For pros like us, the stakes can be incredibly high — thousands of dollars riding on our matches, stadiums packed with fans eagerly watching every point, our careers and reputations on the line each time we play.

But after years of intense training with the most elite coaches in the world, thousands of hours of practice, and hundreds of tournaments played, I can tell you this for certain:

Matches are never lost or won through technique alone. It’s all about your mental game.

In fact, if you’re not careful, focusing too much on technique can completely undermine your ability to win at tennis. While you’re stuck in your head, obsessing over a useless mental checklist, you’ve got a living, breathing opponent on the other side of the net, who’s ready to dominate the next point.

That’s why, out of everything I’ve learned in over 2 decades playing tennis at an elite level, my most coveted skill is mental toughness.

Now here’s the great news: With the right coach, mental toughness is something every tennis player can learn — regardless of your level of playing ability.

And as your coach, I’m going to share my top mindset secrets with you in this quick-start guide. 

It’s easy:


Learn the 7 simple secrets in your guide


Apply them the next time you play


Quickly transform your game with your new mental invincibility

If these secrets work for me under the incredibly high-stakes pressure of pro-level play, just imagine what they’ll do for you.

I can’t wait to share these game-changing secrets with you!

Karue Sell

Co-founder, My Tennis HQ

I've Made This 100% Risk-Free for You

To make this a simple decision for you today, I'm giving you my 60-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you don’t see a noticeable improvement in your play, then just email us and we'll refund every penny to you. No catch. No questions asked.

And rest assured - when you email my team, you’ll be in good hands. We’re ready to take great care of you!


What secrets will I learn in this guide?

You’ll unlock deep psychological strategies that only the most elite athletes use to dominate the game of tennis. 

I’ll help you discover your Unique Player Identity (UPI) and customize a clear game plan to keep you focused, confident, and winning. You’ll learn how to reframe pressure and use it to your advantage by focusing on what you can control — and letting go of the rest.

You’ll get the mind/body relaxation techniques the pros use themselves to combat panic and stress, plus tips to overcome negative self-talk so you can play as well in your match as you do during practice. Best of all, you’ll learn how to ditch that annoying mental checklist, get out of your head, and finally enjoy playing this beautiful game!

The guide is really just $9?

YES! I absolutely love the game of tennis. But I’ve seen how often mindset issues can not only hurt our play, but take the enjoyment out of the game for so many of us. I wanted this guide to be something anyone could afford so we can all play better and get back to our passion for tennis. 

You get these pro-level secrets for less than the price of a can of premium tennis balls. Seriously!

What's the free trial you mentioned?

You’re also invited to try my Winners’ Circle VIP coaching experience for FREE. As my insider, you’ll join me and my MTHQ partner Gui Hadlich on LIVE, monthly webinars where we give you exclusive tips, step-by-step stroke breakdowns, plus the opportunity to ask us questions about your game, live.

Your trial is completely free and optional – YOU can choose to take advantage of it, or you can get your copy of Think Less, Win More on its own for just $9!

Can’t I just get this information for free?

No. Think Less, Win More is a collection of my most powerful secrets and is NOT available anywhere else. (It would be impossible to go this deep — or get you results this lasting — in a quick, free YouTube video.)

Does it work?

YES! My coaching has helped hundreds of players like you master their mental game and win more matches. Here’s what just a few have to say:

“This might be the best tennis instruction online. Thanks again Karue — I’ve been able to keep up with some top 10 players in my state thanks to you.” —Lane 

“I watch a TON of tennis instructional videos. Your coaching is some of the BEST. I wish I had someone like you to hit with every day. I love your attitude and outlook.” —Ben W.

“You’ve helped me play my best tennis on my tennis journey. Thank you!!” —RK

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