Volley Drill #6 – Offense – Defense

This drill will help you improve your ability to close the net and your hand quickness.

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This drill will help you improve your ability to close the net and your hand quickness. The offensive player in the drill will start a foot or two behind the service line, while the defensive player will start a foot or two inside the service line. The defensive partner feeds the ball as the offensive partner comes forward, closing the net until he can’t anymore. You should be able to hit 4-6 balls each before the player that is closing reaches the net. After you are content with how the drill has gone, switch roles and do it again.

Key Points to Remember

Offensive player:

Sticking your volleys with purpose. Move through each volley with rhythm, you don’t have time for too many choppy steps. Stay square to the opponent so you are ready for a forehand or a backhand. If you happen to get a high floater, do your best to put it away. Put the last ball away off the court to work on finishing the point.

Defensive player:

Keep a strong, low base. Remember, you are trying to absorb the pace. Do your best to keep the ball low so that the offensive player cannot put the ball away. Keep your wrist firm. If you let the wrist break, you will not be able to handle the pace. To make things more interesting, make it a game. Play on half the court with no alleys so that there is no room to go around each other. Play to 7 and add the scores between the two games.

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